The Waunafest Softball Tournament is essentially an invitational. Any team that participates in the tournament is automatically invited back the following year. The invitations are sent to the teams in early June and the deadline for entry forms/fees is typically around July 10th.

If a team chooses not to participate then their spot is opened up to teams that are on the waiting list. Typically there are at least 4 teams on the waiting list at any given time. Currently there are around 15 teams on the waiting list. It is not unusual for all invited teams to decide to participate in the tournament, however, we have had occasions where up to 4 teams elected not to return and many teams on the waiting list have made it in. If you are interested in getting your team on the waiting list you should contact Josh Ziegler at (608) 513-4844 or via email at josh_ziegler4@yahoo.com

The entry fee for 2018 is $150. When a team submits their entry form they are allowed to specify when they would like to play their first round game (Thursday or Friday, early or late, etc.) and the tournament committee makes every effort to accommodate this preference.ur paragraph here.